This person who knows very little thinks that Sri Ramakrishna is a fanatic Hindu that is set against Islam by definition like he himself is probably set against Hinduism. He thinks Sri Ramakrishna to be like him . What this fanatic person ignores is that Islam was also the spiritual experience of Sri Ramakrishna , and that he spent a period of his life worshipping the Creator as Allah to conclude that all paths lead to the one same truth. and that the Almighty could be reached by various ways , one of these ways being Islam . Anyhow , we have to thank our commentator for bringing up the question which is : Would Sri Ramakrishna- if he were alive – be supportive of the righteous struggle of Muslim people against israel ? Or would he shun a Resistance that is Islamic because he identifies only as a Hindu? All are invited to answer this question . For me asking this question about Sri Ramakrishna amounts to asking the same question about Imam ‘Ali bin Abi Talib


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