The hypocrite is`denying any relation with what is happening in Syria . Who created the`de escalation zones that will cause Syria to be dismembered and now accuses these zones of being a blue print the dismembering of Syria ? Who will not allow the forces of the Resistance to proceed towards Idlib to liberate Idlib from the terrorist thugs? who introduced Turkey and helped Turkey take over al Baab and Jarablus and other areas ? and who helped the Kurds expand and recognised their right for a separate state and hosted their first diplomatic mission outside Syria? Who pacified the thugs and rehabilitated them starting from the FSA? Who used Syria and`destroyed Syria to promote himself and now wants to play the innocent? Who suggested that the sponsors and creators of Terror should fight Terror along Syria on the Syrian ground ? Who but the dubious infiltrator called Putin ? Fie to such person , the worst of his kind no doubt, and those who believed him and trusted him are worse than him.

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