There is no polarity and no par to the World Order but Iran and the armed Resistance against Israel . Other than that there is nothing but crap . BRICS is nothing, and so is Shanghai and Eurasia and the Silk Road and all this fiction . China is imperialist , and Russia a stooge to the World Order and a rogue state, and Putin is no friend of the people, and yesterday he was embracing the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia who is killing the Yemeni People helped by Putin who did not veto the UN Resolution 2216 that declared the war on Yemen in 2015 .All this`delirium should stop about Russia being the friend of the people , Russia is friends with the Syrian rule until further notice and not with the Syrian people , and is allied with israel, and is coordinating with israel in Syria, and is implementing the US agenda in Syria of perpetuating this war and extending it endlessly.


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