While more US weapons are reaching the SDF in Syria, the US and Russia are studying the status of the south of Syria and the creation of a safety zone on the borders with Iraq , Jordan and Syria on al Tanaf crossing near the Golan Heights that will be under the control of US

The US will have an area that extends in the form of a circle until 70 km from the Tanaf in all directionsthat will be handed in to the thugs while the Syrian Army will move up north

Sources say that US will get the Tanaf area on the Jordanian-Iraqi-Syrian borders while the Al Boukamal on the Syrian-Iraqi borders will remain in Syria and Iraqi hands .

The Prospects for Syria are escalation, and the liberation of Iraq and Syria is not for tomorrow . The next front to be opened in Syria is Idlib, and sources expect a bloody war in there between armed factions that Turkey will monitor, and the death of many civilians due to Coalition strikes is also expected . The US will try to stir many fronts including the front of Idlib, and these fronts are the front of Dar’a in the south where a partition plan is being prepared to host a Sunni federation , and the front of Jobar near Damascus that will witness escalation also . This escalation will try to disperse the efforts of the Syrian Army that is heading to the Syrian-Iraqi border through the desert of Tadmur.


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