Listen to this controversial lady called Catherine Shakdam speaking in the name of Iran and `deciding what Iran should do next . The lady is on a`mission now, and it is a controversial mission like the lady herself . It is clear that the World Order agenda seeks to assimilate Iran rather than confront it . And the process of assimilation has been going on for a while by way of soft war . This was visible in Syria where Russia imposed itself on the Axis of the Resistance .and infiltrated this Axis `through its alliance with the Syrian rule.

The lady in question is waging for this assimilation agenda that qualifies Qatar to establish relations with Tehran at the expense of the Saudi agenda regarding Iran . The lady explains that for this to become possible Qatar should give up its Muslim Brother agenda and break up with the Wahabi agenda. The lady seems confused because it is by assuming the role of a Muslim Brother that Qatar has been able to play a significant regional role and it is as a Muslim Brother that Qatar will lend a hand to Iran and to the forces of the Resistance among them HAMAS. Therefore it is not logical that Qatar takes off the Muslim Brothers garment that is`different from the Wahabi garment .

We don’t know why this lady who works for Wikistrat and whose name figure in other western security firms has been chosen to speak in the name of Iran. It is extremely shocking to hear her comment on the events or voice her opinion about Iran’s policy and stands , and speak for Iran with her strong English accent from the country side . Why this dubious person that works for the Intelligence facility called Wikistrat with israeli affiliations has been chosen to speak for Iran is`a question that is waiting for an answer while there are so many qualified ladies who can do this job in a much better way . That she has been hired to promote this specific agenda does not bear a `single doubt . As for who hired her , it is definitely not good intentioned people whether Iranians or not . And the fact that she tries to absolve Qatar while stressing on KSA does not tell anything good.

Qatar is non different from KSA, and its hands are stained with Syrian blood; and the Arab Spring started on al Jazeera channel, and Qatar spent billions on the terrorist factions and armed them and supplied them and financed them, and it is represented on the ground by the terrorist faction called Ahrar al Sham one of the biggest terrorist factions in Syria . And Qatar’s relation to israel goes long way back before any direct open connection between the Saudis and the israelis started; and all this fuss about the Saudi-israeli relations is in order to hide the deep Qatari-israeli connection that goes back to the times prince Hamad ascended to power after deposing his father. .

Of course, Shakdam does not mention the master who is behind this arrangement and who manipulates both KSA and Qatar and orders them around . It is`as if Qatar` was on its own and free to decide where to go and whom to approach while we know that the hidden well known master is pulling all the strings including the string of Shakdam herself.


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