Bismillah walhandulillah

Many car accidents happened yesterday and there were victims from freedom fighters . My condolences
i greet you on this occasion of Ramadan
We should know the importance of these times , the importance of Du’a’ so that we learn what this month is
if one knows the benefits of Ramadan he would have wished that all the year be Ramadan
God has chosen the month of Ramadan to make it His and an exceptional month
He favored Ramadan over all months
all the months are His and the time is His
and the place also
but God will choose some days for a purpose or a month like he chooses some places
the best of months , with the best days and nights
This knowledge should have a positive result
God has chosen this Month to reveal the Quran
so as to be a guidance for people .
And God has chosen a form of worship that is the fasting
God has chosen this Month for this worship
and God has made the Laylat al Qadr as EQUAL TO ONE THOUSAND MONTHS and more
God will host people in this month
which shows the Benevolence of God
And God will grant favors to His worshippers
signs of His generosity
And also there is pardon and forgiveness
and you are guests of God and your breath is a praise to God and your sleep is worship
and the conditions of work are easier

this is the month of blessings and abundance and Islam and of heaven far from hell
we are living the best of days and nights and hours and minutes
we should take advantage of the occasion
What one missed from Ramadan is gone for many reasons and this is why we should realize the importance of the occasion
and we don’t know if we will have another chance
so let us hold on to this Month
We should avoid sin in all times, but Ramadan has a specialty and the reward is doubled in Ramadan and the punishment also
Those who are not fasting should respect the fasting of others
What to do during Ramadan and in the evenings
too much time spent on eating
and after they go out and spend the evening in leisure with music and dancing and everything,
and also the TV series , and they spend time on this instead of reading the Quran
While this the Month of asking for forgiveness and study and prayer and fasting
This is no leisure time. Leave the leisure time for other months
Resurrection Day means also regretting and those who go to paradise and to hell both feel remorse
and those in paradise will compare themselves to others and will feel sorry for themselves
Two benefits are being ignored: the good health and security and these are missed when one loses them
Ramadan is the occasion to benefit from all this . so as not to feel that we missed something
The Du’a of Wada’ farewell Sayyed Khamina’i asks us to read at the beginning and end of the Month
Bidding farewell to the holy Month from which we separate.painfully. Assalamu Alayka O month of Ramadan
whom we suffer when over
how much we long for you O Month
We should realize the importance of this Month
As for what should be performed , The best is to avoid sin and misbehavior and committing infractions
and to control ourselves

the Rasul speaks about what should be performed in terms of good intentions and to ask God to help one and grant a pure heart.
and to remember the hunger of the resurrection day and the thirst on that day
and to give the poor and the needy
and show respect to the elderly
and have mercy on the young ones
and relate to your kith and kin
and have mercy on the orphans
and control your speech
and ask for forgiveness
these are the best hours
Where God yields to the demands of the worshippers
and answers their call
your actions will decide for your fate
and your backs are aching from the loads you carry and make the load lighter by your sujud prostration
if you feed one faithful person who is fasting this is equal to liberating a slave
and to be pardoned for everything
When asked that this might not be possible the Prophet said you can avoid hell by giving away a small piece of dates or a sip of water
This applies to places suffering from malnutrition and hunger
Not the remains but before one eats to give the poor their share
Who improves his character will cross the Sirat easily
This because people who are fasting might get upset and grow rude
Who honors an Orphan , will be honored and who performs a duty . These duties are what brings closer to God and not anything else . The duties are the most important and to pray the Fajr
He who has pleased God by praying on God and His Prophet
And who reads one verse of the Quran is like reading the whole Quran in other months
let us leave everything else and concentrate on this
May God help us understand the importance of this month
where the doors of heaven are open and the gates of hell are closed and where satan is handcuffed wassalam.


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