The new alignment that is taking birth has started by showing that there are differences between the 2 Gulf countries that are Qatar and Saudi Arabia. This is a new World Order alignment far from KSA that groups Turkey and Qatar and maybe others and to which Egypt might be invited and which Russia might sponsor . This is another Sunni alignment that will compete with the Saudi Coalition born of the Riyad Conference and which – unlike the alignment headed by KSA- will try to draw Iran rather than fight Iran but it is an alignment against Iran all the same . Both alignments have one author and seek Iran and the forces of the`Resistance but in different ways.

This new alignment monitored by the World Order and headed by Qatar seeks to assimilate Iran and the Palestinian Resistance and to become a reference for HAMAS in order to contain HAMAS and reach a Palestinian settlement of some sort. Of course there is no enmity between Qatar and KSA, and they both work for the same master , there is some sort of competition about who fulfills the master’s wishes. Nothing has changed except that KSA and `Qatar have been assigned different roles in the ongoing play, one will fight Iran and the forces of the Resistance along israel , and the other will try to assimilate Iran and the forces of the Resistance far from israel . What seems certain is that the alignment against Iran of countries that shared in the Riyad Conference has no future , and the various participating countries countries will be asked to reposition themselves regarding this new alignment around Qatar and Turkey of course that is being kept in the dark for the time being but which has the major role in this .

This is a new US maneuver and could be labeled as plan B in case the Saudi Coalition that includes israel fails . This is maybe what Sayyed meant when he warned the Saudis about what is being planned for them, and when he gave them his advice to start negotiating with Iran because in case they don’t , others will do so in their place , and KSA will end up totally bankrupt , exposed and isolated.

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