Two years over the rule of Buhari and News Agency Shafaqna is publishing many articles by Nigerians- maybe 5 or more – and all of them bear signatures except the one that is attributed to Elbinawi and entitled: Buhari : Two Years of Bloodshed and Hunger . This one bears no signature but is attributed to Elbinawi on FB . . Why this article did not appear with the signature of Elbinawi is a mystery ; and has Shafaqna realized the fact that this name Ebinawi is`subject to controversy and is being usurped by another person by the name of Bilal West who is personifying Elbinawi and writing under his name in Shafaqna ? This explains why Shafaqna did not mention the writer.


While the Shi’a community is being directly targeted in Bahrain and in Saudi Arabia and in Nigeria also , another attempt is taking place at monitoring the Shi’a community through the Social Media like FB and other whereby infiltrators from the community itself will open groups and address issues related to the community and become the center of attention and activity . Bilal West infiltrator from Nigeria has access to Shafaqna news` agency and is a dubious person with links to FBI agent Maha Tannous on one hand and to Catherine Shakdam of Wikistrat and Shabbir Hassanally on the other hand . He is also affiliated to the Navid Nasr gang of Beeley and Bartlett . . This way all are connected together . The other fb group called Solidarity to Revolutionaries of Iran is another infiltration . Administered by Antonia Mosqueda and others has a Soros agenda in promoting organizations like Black Lives Matters that is occupying the Blacks’ movement in USA.


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