This Group called SOLIDARITY TO REVOLUTIONARIES OF IRAN is neither revolutionary and most probably not Iranian . This is a group that pretends to be revolutionary and at the same time makes room for a controversial person called Wahid Azal to express himself and call for arming the Green Movement and put an end to what he calls Theocracy in Iran .

This person –Wahid ‘Azal -spewed lies about Ahmadinejad on the thread shared by the group without being warned or banned. This group is a fake group with a misleading name, and i warn against it and against its admin – called Antonia Mosqueda – who poses as a pious foreign lady married to an Iranian Revolutionary – as she pretends- and who writes her name also as Antonia Masjid meaning Mosque in Arabic .

This lady – who is a US citizen- is administering the Group of the Solidarity with the Revolutionaries, and is also monitoring the blog called IRANIAN HIKER under the name of Village Momma. She is also a supporter of BLACK LIVES MATTER the organization that is funded by liberal Zionist George Soros to defend black lives so to speak, and which is an infiltration on the Black Movement in USA and has raised many questions in US itself accused of usurping and occupying the Black movement . This Antonia Mosqueda – alias Antonia Masjid- alias Village Momma- is promoting this dubious organization called Black Lives Matter that is`Zionist funded in Iran itself and what is more surprising is that Tehran witnessed rallies by this so called dubious Organization called Black Lives Matter that is Zionist affiliated.


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