When we stop believing in the truth , the truth will appear as a falsity , we will no more walk in light, we will walk in darkness because the truth no more lights our way. The source of light , it seems , is obscured within us.

Sayyed saw that the Saudis were becoming someone else, and that they engaged in a path of no return and have burned all their ships and all the possibilities in order to remain without choice . It is not the Saudis choice to make their relation to israel public , nor is it their choice to fund Terror and create al Qa’ida and ISIS, this was imposed on them as well . This is imposed on them by the US , their devil , and more and more things will be imposed and they had to give this money , other wise this money will be confiscated . They are accused of terror, and there is world consensus over this, and they have become totally exposed and alienated from their own selves, and this alienation will increase and the US will blackmail them even more and will strip them off every penny they possess, and they intend to do so with the JESTA law.

Sayyed – in his speech- warns the Saudis about this and tells the Saudis that it is better that they go over their choices before it is too late . And since the US will negotiate with Iran and seek solutions through Russia because it will not engage in war with Iran why not to have this as an option? so the Saudis could anticipate and start this with Iran and solve the issues of the war on Yemen and Syria and Bahrain and stop this war on Yemen that is so draining .

Certainly, the US wants to sacrifice the Saudis for itself and inculpate the` Saudis and absolve themselves from Terror , but do the Saudis want this? it is US that is behind Terror and the Saudis are just a cover ; they pay with their money and recruit their people but it is not a Saudi endeavor , it is a US endeavor and the Saudis should not get the blame alone for it


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