It is Victory Day, and after 17 years the Victory has not lost its flavor nor its taste, Every day is Victory Day, and every day we wake up to find our country integral and safe is Victory Day . And every day for the southerners is Victory Day, and it is Victory Day everytime they work their fields and plant and sow and reap . And this victory no one can take away from them , not even all the forces rallied on earth .

This Victory is ours , has become part of us . it is not just a victory over the enemy whereby the enemy was forced to withdraw unconditionally for the first time in history from an occupied Arab land, it is a victory over everything that is of the lower realm , Victory over faithlessness, and laziness and disbelief and procrastination and lack of trust and shallowness and depression and defeat . It is an awakening of the being to his capacity and potential and divine presence and faith .

The Resistance was a cure , a cure for the individual and the nation, and the victory blew life again in everything from the individual to the nation to the Religion; and all these realities and practices recovered and regained life, and their originality was restored . The individual healed and also the nation . the whole nation . It is enough to get in touch with this Victory , to relate to it in the right way , in order to get all its benefits and even claim it .

This victory is for all, and the generosity of its leadership and of the Freedom Fighters made it for all and accessible to all . It is for man that all this was achieved, for his promotion and enlightenment and growth . It is the divinity that arranged all this through the faithful dedicated Freedom Fighters and the wise committed leadership – God bless them all and reward them . Divinity arranged for us this Resistance and this Victory so that we learn about our true identity, and so that true Religion be revealed to us .

This victory is Divine and nothing can defeat the Resistance through which this Victory was achieved .This is why the Resistance is invincible , and it is not only due to a weapon that the mighty Resistance acquired, or to some tactics or policy that it adopted or followed . The Victory is the fruit of a deep resolve in the hearts of men, of deep conviction and unshakable faith, and a trust in one self and in God that nothing can shake . The Victory is the result of all this, and nothing and no one can touch this Victory or change anything in it.


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