i am surprised that many are still friends with the person called Haidar Akarar who writes reports to the Zionists about his fb friends by his own saying, and who has been hired lately to write for Tasnim in Iran . How he reached there we don’t know. He is part of the large gang that includes Navid Nasr and the two activists of Bartlett and Beeley positioned in Syria . He is also connected to the Iranian chapter of Catherine Shakdam – of Wikistrat – and Shabbir Hassanelly of SHAFAQNA , not to forget the Nigerian connection of Bilal West and his FBI connection- Maha Tannous – a covert full time FBI operative- by her own testimony – called sister by certain Nigerians and mother by Akarar himself. This must be a trait common to infiltrators to create fictitious family ties among each others whereby Shabbir Hassanally calls Shakdam his cousin, and is ready to defend her against all enemies .

Shakdam has been exposed- lately- as working for Wikistrat- a Zionist operated facility established in US; a sort of spying facility –
online- that processes strategic information against a salary that could reach 10 thousand dollars. Shakdam works there, and works at the same time for Khamina’i ir where she has been hired lately, probably to live in an auspicious environment where she could wait peacefully for the Mehdi whose appearance she expects anytime .

Some say that Shakdam is too stupid or too silly to be a spy . I say that not all spies and infiltrators have an elevated IQ, and Shakdam could be faking to be stupid and faking to be the helpless female in order to draw affection and sympathy in a male oriented milieu . And while pretending to be a journalist , Shakdam has been caught red handed committing plagiarism that was so obvious that no one had a single doubt about it .

Also Shakdam is famous for creating fake fb accounts where a Muslim new convert foreign lady – for example – will feel isolated, distressed and shunned, and will ask for sympathy which will cause suitors to come by the dozen and offer their help. This happened to one person i know who was moved by the story and followed the lady in question whose account was under the name of Millie O’Sources – daughter of a Marine soldier- who grew up in a military base until Islam dawned on her. This person was not late discovering that there is no such human being , and that the thread that bore the romantic name of Millie O’Sources lead to Shakdam herself. FB later disabled this account after receiving many complaints as it seems .

One of the master pieces of Shakdam is definitely the Shiawarma Show, the video she produces that bears this name, where she combines the Shia Sect with the known Arab dish of minced flavored meat called” Shawarma” to get a dish of rare taste , a delicacy so to speak that is supposed to be funny, but is not, and is even offensive because of this crude analogy .

Lately, Shakdam felt down a little bit because of all what happened regarding Wikistrat and other things, and she complained about it on the site called SHAFAQNA where she wrote about her misfortunes and how she has been unjustly treated by many ; a very moving text except that one knows that this is Wikistrat writing .

Lately, and in order to lift up her morals , lady Shakdam has been granted an exclusive interview with presidential candidate Sayyed Ibrahim Ra’isi where she asks the Muslim scholar and candidate whom Hassanelly was supporting about many things regarding Iran and the elections . The questions were obviously written for her and she repeated them like a parrot. And while the candidate answered her questions- one by one- we felt that it should have been the other way round, and it is Sayyed Ra’isi who should have been investigating the lady asking her what she was doing in Khamina’i ir and what is her relation to Wikistrat. Maybe the interview would have been less dull. But this was not the case,.

These are the infiltrators- agents and spies. It is the new weapon developed by the world order, and there are armies of them from the four quarters on the social media and elsewhere. Their war is the soft war, and they can assume any form , and we will find them in leader Khamina’i Media office or mingling with high caliber scholars and presidential candidates , all this while they wait for the awaited Mehdi to come.

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