A Message


fb blocked me , i ‘ll be back tomorrow, this does not make a big difference . if i were saying something good , those who were reading the posts`and appreciating them can do what i was doing. i was just being myself and ourselves and expressing what i and we wanted to say. i am no activist and i don’t believe in activism and there are question marks around all activists. when the native Lebanese Resistance liberated South Lebanon , i retrieved my dignity and self esteem which were stepped upon by the colonialist ; what happened and is happening prove that people can make a difference by being themselves and believing in themselves as per the example of the Resistance . and this has to continue i thank all those who show ` support.

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6 Responses to A Message

  1. Sean Bresnahan says:

    Yes brother, I noticed your absence. If you begin another profile then by all means re-add me.

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  2. We have missed you brother.
    We are following you on this medium.
    Thank you .


  3. Ash says:

    I have missed you on FB, at least I know I can reach you here. I am very interested in hearing your thoughts on the (isis) take over of the City of Marawi in the Philippines.
    Plus your usual Middle Eastern narrative is always welcome.


    • danielmabsout says:

      now that they are being dislodged from Iraq and Syria , they need to start somewhere else . There is no eradication of ISIS only relocation


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