The Importance of the Riyad Conference is not the money that Trump got amounting to 350 billions over 10 years because this money is` already in the US banks , but it is reaching an Arab and Muslim consensus around overlooking the Palestinian issue and considering the armed Resistance against israel as Terror – on par with ISIS- and considering Iran the origin of Terror and a common enemy to the attending countries .

The first step has been made in this direction towards liquidating the Palestinian Cause by exposing the armed Resistance against israel as Terror in a unanimous Muslim and Arab consensus where more than 50 countries were present . Everything that will develop on the differents sceneries of Syria , Palestine , Iraq and others will be part of this original step taken in Riyad with US blessings .

In Palestine, the promotion of movements like the prisoners hunger strike, and the marketing of prisoner al Barghouthi as the Palestinian Mandela, fall within the same liquidation plan to find a substitute for the armed Resistance ; as well as the pressures exerted on Gaza in the form of salaries and fuel cuts imposed on the district by the Palestinian Authority in order to turn the Palestinians against HAMAS.

In Syria, the de escalation zones that are safety zones – one of them in al Qunaitra- to protect the usurping state`, and cutting the road on the Syrian Army heading south by US raids , serve also the same plan ; not to forget that the war on Terror after dislodging ISIS from its strongholds in Iraq and in Syria, is expected to target the forces of the Resistance in these two countries .


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