In Celebration Of The 13th Commemoration Of The Liberation From Occupation


Saturday, 25 May 2013

Resistance is the sacrifice and is the purification no doubt, and Resistance is much more than what the mere word conveys . What we have experienced in Lebanon in Year 2000 and then in year 2006 was much more than a victory over an enemy .Victory there was no doubt, and an outstanding one . The enemy himself has not yet awoken from such a bad dream and has become lost as what to do and from where to start again.

What we have witnessed in fact in year 2000, and after that in year 2006, were the signs of a real revolution that had taken place at the deepest level of the human being . These two victories were but the fruits of such revolution. There were potentials and capacities and spiritual dimensions that needed to materialize. There was commitment and determination and faith and forbearance and courage and a will to sacrifice that needed to be brought and experienced and tested and there was much more than that also .

These were attempts at reaching higher levels of consciousness and existence no doubt , a need to prove that truthfulness or morality or sacrifice was not just an ideal or an idea, these were truths that lived in the deeper layers of the human being and needed the proper opportunity to materialize and live and blossom in the freedom fighters beautiful heroic acts and deeds. The human being – that the freedom fighter is- was struggling for this experience , people were also longing for this experience that is a potential human experience and a spiritual one above all, thus people were challenged by the most beastly occupation and invasion , by the most shocking abuse and mistreatment , by the most acute violation and injustice .

What to do when challenged by such an enemy? It is natural law that had arranged for all this , it is natural law which engendered the quest of the people to explore their inner being and unravel- within – the mysteries and the purpose of creation which is to know one’s real identity . It Is not just the enemy that the freedom fighters had to overcome , it is every form of weakness and surrender and want of faith and absence of courage and lack of intuition and indecision that had to be confronted and overcome . It was a whole operation of discovering and producing a new individual who is up to the challenge, an individual who -before defeating the other- be it Israeli or other than Israeli- had already defeated or was in the process of defeating every aspect of weakness within himself.

We are talking here about a rebirth in the spiritual and religious sense, and not just a revolution or a liberation or a war victory . We are talking about real solidarity and real oneness and real identification with the plight of man .What we are witnessing in the Resistance is the personification of all basic religious and ethical values that have been deteriorating lately at the hands of the corrupt world administration . This Resistance is here for all to redress this state of things, and not just to win over Israel, and all are required to support the mighty Resistance and answer the call of nature in supporting the oppressed and standing with right cause as a way to win the battle of life itself .

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