While Iran and Hizbullah who are Resistance and Revolutionary movements born from the people and for the people , it is the same people the World Order is using and mobilizing against the Revolution and the Resistance that are born from them and are here to defend them and protect them.

What the World Order is targeting is in fact the capacity of the people to produce a real Resistance and Revolution , and the World Order wants this capacity to be undermined and let the bad tendencies take over the good ones which is demonization in other terms . The World Order does this using the money and resources he stole from the people in order to turn them against themselves . It is the same logic that rules the creation of Terror out of the people choosing the most dispossessed and deprived among them, and make them act under the banner of the Religion, and commit crimes and violations in the name of the Religion that came originally to uplift them and raise them from their condition. It is the ignorance of the people that the World Order is using and investing in.

Who have witnessed yesterday’s celebrations in Tehran will deduce that they have little to do with Rouhani’s victory , they are not so much catering to Rouhani as much as they are directed against something else. These protests seemed manipulated and engineered rather than spontaneous. There are alien forces that have access to the Iranian people- as it seems- and are able to reach them through Rouhani and other channels . The positive thing about these elections is that they worked on channeling these potential protests and making them revolve around the elections instead of getting loose and unruly . It is not so much to keep Rouhani or to bring Raisi that the elections took place, but rather to keep the system running and functioning and the protests contained.

Iran is no doubt under attack by soft war , and there are NGOs and dark forces operating from inside Iran and outside, and they are the ones who are threatening the system and the Revolution by trying to engineer massive protests that could take place under any label . It is enough to say that there are one hundred TV channels broadcasting in Farsi that are foreign operated, and addressing the masses in Iran . So much money is being spent and effort exerted to have these colored protests take place that the West hopes will build a colored culture that will overcome the Revolution.

What we have witnessed yesterday is not the celebration of Rouhani’s victory over Raisi , what we have witnessed are engineered protests and maneuvers that seek to undermine the system .There is a big challenge that Iran and each Iranian are facing in the form of demoniacal forces setting the Iranians against themselves and against the Revolution , and the enemy has be overcome inside rather than outside. Each Iranian and each committed person should become aware of the demoniacal forces that are taking hold of him to lead him astray towards his destruction and the destruction of his country and society and the examples are innumerable…

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