Normalization Through Apartheid

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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

All should be warned about this Apartheid trip on which Arabs and Palestinians have embarked . All are invited to understand what Apartheid is and what Apartheid means before using this term and waging for it and repeating it without proper knowledge of it like many Arabs and Palestinians do. This term is being used extensively by certain Palestinian activists , and is being introduced – not only to describe the Palestinian condition- but also to describe and define the line of struggle that should be adopted by Palestinians and this is where the great danger lies .
Apartheid does NOT mean occupation . Apartheid is the term used by white intellectuals of south Africa to describe a social and political situation where by a part of the population is segregated against by another part. Apartheid then is a term that has been used to describe the struggle- in South Africa- between the Europeans and the Black Africans, and to label the racist policies practiced by the European South Africans against the Black population and the colored people in general. This term has been borrowed from South Africa and is alien to Palestinians . No Palestinian will ever describe his condition as Apartheid .
Palestine is under occupation , not Apartheid, and Israelis are not an original constituent of the Palestinian society . Israelis are NOT part of the Palestinian society as Boers or Afrikaners and British were considered part of the South African society for God knows what reason since they were originally settlers who landed in south Africa many centuries ago . Israelis are usurpers and occupiers who were brought over by colonialists – on boats- to invade Palestine and chase out the original people, and replace them, and take over their villages and towns, and take possession of their land, and wage war on them, and expand over their territory, and genocide them and exterminate them and abuse them in every way in order to build an advanced colonialist western military base on Palestinian land.
What Israel has been practicing against the majority of Palestinians – outside and inside historic Palestine- is much more than Apartheid and could only be described as a genocide and an extermination policy of the Palestinian people that includes assault and abuse and harassment and unjust incarceration and displacement and tearing apart of families and destruction of homes and confiscation of land and siege and violation of sacred places and arrest and liquidation and theft of organs and all what you can think of that was practiced and is still being practiced against Palestinians. .
Israel is Israel and NOT an Apartheid and there is nothing like it ; and to call it Apartheid is an Israeli scheme and a form of manipulation and normalization to replace the Palestinian experience of occupation and genocide with a made up fake experience of Apartheid. This promotion of Israel as an Apartheid state gives legality to the State of Israel who will only need to remove its segregationist policies in order to acquire again all the attributes of a democratic state that it always pretended to have.
What worked in South Africa should work in Palestine- according to Israelis and their allies- and some have started already using the term Israel/ Palestine as a combined term that will reflect the future combination designed for the usurped state that will join Israeli settlers to Palestinians on par and will give them equal access to everything including the Holy al Aqsa and other sacred places.
What is designed for Palestine is the legitimization of occupation under the label of Apartheid . Beware of this set up that is being waged by Israelis and Palestinians – equally – through foreign affiliated NGOs like BDS and the like. Beware of it because it is but a step in liquidating the cause by altering realities and distorting truths. Israel is NOT an Apartheid and this not a White versus Black issue, like the South African issue, nor a Jewish versus Muslim issue – as they are trying to picture it- in order to turn it into a religious conflict between two religions to be settled by anti Apartheid . This is an occupier/ occupied issue and a national humanitarian issue that should not be taken anywhere else nor exploited for the benefit of anyone . This is Palestine and nothing else and there is nothing like it..

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