The NGO Curse


It is the NGO curse that is unlike any curse . In times where armed Resistance has proved its success and effectiveness, and at times it is mostly needed in Palestine to put term to the non stop Israeli violations and abuse and crimes and assaults that are escalating drastically and increasing by the hour , at this crucial time , the time when Israel has been defeated twice by the m…ighty Lebanese Resistance ; at the time it could not recover from such a defeat , at the time when it became crippled and unable to wage any war , at the time when its defeat in any future war is certain , at this time – precisely – the Palestinians chose to forsake the Palestinian armed struggle and to opt for passive Resistance where armed struggle, as practiced – for decades -by multiple organizations, has failed .

Is this mere coincidence, or bad luck, or lack of faith, we don’t know but the sure thing is that Palestinians- now -are engaged in the shameful path of surrender to their enemy . Now this surrender has taken many shapes and names . Here it is called : National Initiative, or Popular Struggle, or Stop the Wall, and there it is called : Thirst for Freedom, while somewhere else it is called : Electronic Intifada and in some other place it is called BDS or Boycott, Divest and Sanction and these labels and shapes and names and forms fall all under one word and that is : SURRENDER .

This is what the Palestinians are doing right now , those who are engaged in NGO activities and NGO functions and Popular peaceful Resistance – and they are many -and the others seeking recently negotiations and recognition and normalization with the enemy, summoned by the Arab stooges of the fake Arab Spring , they are all practicing surrender and nothing else.

They are doing this for different reasons , because they have not properly assessed their past experience and what they call their armed Resistance , They have not defined their goals and figured out the means to fulfill them . They have not recognized their mistakes and faults and corrected them . They have not thought over what went wrong during these long decades of struggle which did not bear fruit and the efforts and sacrifices that were not rewarded. They have not pondered over this matter..

They have not looked up to the Victorious Lebanese Resistance , they have not properly identified with it , they have not learned the lessons on how to overcome one’s enemy surely and certainly and once for all, and how to win victory over him .They have engaged in sectarian warfare –instead- and sectarian identification , they have delegated Arab stooges to think for them and decide at their place and arrange for them a shameful land deal exchange that will give Zionists what they want and deprive Palestinians of what is theirs .
The peaceful Palestinian Resistance of NGOs will not reap the fruits the armed Palestinian Resistance fell short of . This wasting of time and sacrifices and this drifting away from the cause did not benefit Palestine nor Palestinians . There is but one language the enemy understands and that is armed Resistance ; either you learn , speak and master this language or you sit aside waiting for the proper time and the proper people and leadership to come who will redress the situation, and open a new page, and liberate the people and the land, and emancipate the freedom fighters from the clutches of those who have been vanquished and defeated and had given in to Zionist and colonialist predators and to their foreign and local clientele .

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