As victory in Syria draws near over the mercenaries of the opposition , the adverse forces of the World order are at a loss of what to do . The defeat of the thugs of the opposition under the banner of al Qa’ida seems now unavoidable and the victory of the forces of the Resistance almost sure.
This victory is not only that of Syria , it is the victory of the Lebanese Resistance and that of Iran- as well- and the adverse forces are at a loss of what to do to go around this other victory that threatens NATO , the World Order and above all Israel.

Many scenarios have been prepared to counter balance the success achieved in defending Syria. that have not been all revealed, one of them of course is trying to deny the Syrians this victory and even to hijack it , and this is something that we- Lebanese- have witnessed after Hizbullah defeated Israel and chased the Israelis out of South Lebanon in year 2000 . It is then that the adverse forces tried to make it look as if the Israelis withdrew from Lebanon out of their own will , in conformity with the UN resolution 425, instead of being chased out defeated by the victorious Resistance.

The World Order hoped by this to hide the defeat of the Israelis that was very damaging for the fifth army in strength especially that it was inflicted by local people who used moderate weapons to fight the so called mightiest army in the region. Not only this victory was damaging to the image of the usurping state but it revealed the strength of Iran who supported the Resistance and provided it with all kind of help.

Now that Syria is on the verge of another victory , over the same enemy, we are witnessing the same attempt at camouflaging this achievement by denying it to Syria and attributing it to countries and group of countries that hardly played any role in it. These countries are the BRICS countries which are being promoted , at the expense of the Axis of the Resistance, by some who pose as leftist intellectuals and who are prejudiced against the forces of the Resistance because of their relation to the Islamic Republic .

The least one can say is that these people are prejudiced against Islam and have difficulties admitting that Islamic Iran-along with its allies Syria and Hizbullah- is the one country defying the World Order and defeating it on the ground .This promotion of BRICS is not a coincidence but is intended and seeks to picture BRICS countries as the ones who will bring salvation to humanity in the near future . The least one could say is that this description is unrealistic and does not fit the role played by BRICS nor its capacities.

It is true that BRICS countries supported Syria and its regime and ought to be thanked for this , but it is true also that many of them did not go all the way in their support and that each one of them has its own problems to deal with and other relations and affiliations to take into consideration . Still promoting these countries , and investing in them the future of humanity , seem to be the only alternative for those who cannot afford true Islam to be victorious or Iran to be a model country for other countries seeking independence and sovereignty .These people of the so called left are carrying a western agenda ; they will never learn to respect other peoples beliefs and faiths -and they are ready to alter Realities in order to deny the forces of Resistance their deserved victory .

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