BDS : The Crippling of The Palestinian Cause

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The news of physicist Stephen Hawking boycotting the Scientific conference taking place in Israel and sponsored by Shimon Peres has been given so much attention and everyone is seeing the star of BDS rising high due to this outstanding achievement that BDS has claimed .
The whole matter sounds so easy and all you have to do is boycott something like …a conference or an Israeli product and your star will rise high in the sky together with the star of BDS and you become de facto a member of the so called BDS and BDS will use and exploit your stand to the end in order to acquire more legitimacy and speak in the name of the cause and in the name of Palestinians . . You have catered to BDS and joined the Anti Apartheid campaign. You might rejoice for taking such a stand and feel that you have achieved something for Palestine, and have helped Palestinians in their struggle to retrieve their rights and their land , but this is not so because , what you have done actually is the recognition the right of Israel to exist on Palestinian land, you have embarked on a trip of normalization with the enemy , something that you were not aware of nor informed about.
What BDS is doing , in fact, is taking us by the hand to recognize something called the state of Israel . An Israel that has become a legitimate state for all . All this because BDS has lately recognized the existence of Israel on Palestinian land, within the borders of 1948, and its right over this land, and this without consulting its Palestinian endorsers in the name of whom BDS speaks, and without even giving them notice about this development .
What BDS is doing -under this boycott campaign and using this boycott campaign- is giving legality to the state of Israel .This is the ugly truth BDS is hiding in implementing an agenda that is far from being Palestinian, and serves directly the Zionist project . This Apartheid scenario might have been inspired by George Soros – the pro Zionist who is a major financer of BDS endorsers- or by the European Community who is another major financer and the major financer and promoter of the state of Israel as well. No one in BDS has shown up to answer the question of the financing of the movement which has created lots of controversy lately ..
In these difficult days, the last thing the cause needs is more catering and recognition of the state of Israel while Israelis resume -undisturbed- the policy of expanding and building settlements on usurped land , and taking over Jerusalem by bits, and harassing Palestinians and abusing prisoners and slowly -but surely -exterminating the population, while the cause is being slowly liquidated between the Palestinian Authority and HAMAS and the rising NGOs and BDS as a major representative .
And while the Palestinian Authority has sold the cause for trifles to Arab stooges of the Gulf , and while HAMAS has sold it to Sectarian Islam , BDS is selling it out now -internationally- by promoting Israel as an Apartheid state- the same way South Africa was promoted – with the legal status of a legal state instead of the status of an occupying usurping entity that has no legitimacy whatsoever . If it is not Israel that is benefiting from all this , then who is?

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2 Responses to BDS : The Crippling of The Palestinian Cause

  1. danielmabsout says:

    i thought in the very beginning of the war on Syria that the battle of Palestine was happening in Syria and that Syria will lead the battle far from religious war and sectarianism and that HAMAS has entered the sectarian alignment and became neutralized . I was mistaken. Assad proved not to be up to the challenge and has rushed to subscribe to the World Order agenda of Terror and anti Terror and of demonizing the Palestinian Resistance of HAMAS and he made alliance with Russia the friend of israel , while HAMAS stood steadfast and defended Gaza with everything it has gotten and defeated the purpose of the enemy and remained one of the major threats on israel by the testimony of the israelis themselves , Syria is not even retaliating to the israeli attacks except randomly . I was not too late to discover this and expose whoever speaks ill of HAMAS.

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  2. ariokaramouzi says:

    Reblogged this on REJECTED FROM FACEBOOK.


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