Sunday, 9 September 2012

Is deceived and mistaken who thinks that normalization has failed. They go around telling us that normalization has failed in Egypt and failed in Jordan and so on . Normalization has not failed anywhere and speaking about the failure of normalization is – in itself – one of the constituents of normalization. Normalization has reached the 1.5 billion Muslims and the half billion Arabs ; very few have escaped .

You can be a Muslim and pray and fast and normalize , you can perform Hajj and normalize . This coexistence between the two has succeeded . You can also take to the streets and demonstrate and ask for all kinds of freedom and –on the other hand- normalize , you can even start a revolution and normalize .

Normalization does not mean to raise the Israeli flag, or to recognize Israel or to establish diplomatic relations with the enemy.

Normalization is to raise the Saudi flag or the Qatari flag , is to ask for democracy in Syria , is to be set against the Syrian government , is to see what is happening in Syria as a political opposition on the ground , is to believe that what is happening in Syria is an internal war and that there is something called the International community or that UN is representative of all nations. It is to think that there is an international law that protects people, and that UN defends International rights; it is also to believe that US is different from Israel and that the Israeli Lobby rules the United States and that US is a victim of Israel.

Not only the Egyptians and the Jordanians but the Palestinians have also normalized. Israel is no more their enemy, even though it is still slaughtering them and killing them, and usurping their land, and confiscating their property, and humiliating them at the various checkpoints, and besieging them, and incarcerating them, and abducting their children, and building walls of separation to sever them from their families, and violating the sanctity of their holy shrines and temples, and forcing them to destroy their own houses with their own hands, and mutilating the bodies of their dead, and selling the organs of their martyrs and smuggling them across the ocean.

All this most Palestinians have normalized with and adjusted to, considering it as part of their lot that cannot and will not be changed . For this reason they have found a new enemy , an enemy they can fight and challenge and eventually kill and slaughter and chase out of his home and village and track and capture and execute at leisure and mutilate and disfigure, if not directly at least virtually.

This is how Palestinians have been set against Syrians , they have found- at last- their longed for enemy, not in the Zionist Jew, but in the Arab Syrian who is their brother, and their helper, and their host, and the host of their leaders, and the supporter of their cause . This Syrian has turned into their enemy because it was required that they absolve their real killer : the Zionist Jew – after identifying with him- and then start defending him and protecting him and fight for him and wage his wars and kill his enemies; if all this is not normalization then what is it?

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