The Iranian elections remind us of the elections in a western country somehow , and not of Iran , and this because of the atmosphere in which these elections are taking place . That this fact speaks in favor of Iran is not necessarily true, and we might be witnessing- in Iran- the reproduction of the duality that rules usually elections in foreign countries whereby two parties, with many similarities that exceed their differences , enter the competition for one to win over the other.

Some say that this is because the Iranian regional and defense policies are already determined, and the competitors narrative revolves around internal issues ; but this separation between the internal and the external might not be accurate. The truth is that the show part of the elections has gained ground at the detriment of the candidates’ programs and the serious political discourse of the competitors , and this show reminds us of what we witnessed in the foreign manipulated Green protests of the 2009 presidentials, that turned real unfortunately to become threatening and bloody even . This time, the show will not exceed its limits probably , but this Green symptom seems to have become generalized to affect more the Rouhani campaign – who chose purple to be his color- and to even touch Raisi ‘s campaign who restricted himself to the Iranian flag, but also presented somehow his own show .

Has the Green symptom become accepted and even generalized is a question that should be asked. Many say Rouhani entered the competition as moderate and left it as a reformist which is probably true. The presence of the third competitor Doctor Ahmadinejad – absent from the arena- is also felt in this campaign, and we felt Rai’si trying – not always successfully- to fill in the gap Ahamadinejad left, and compensate also for his absence and even occult his presence which seems to be one of the goals of these presidential campaigns and of all the noise created around them .

What these elections on both parts definitely lack in the revolutionary theme , we have not heard anything about the survival and the continuation of the Revolution; we have not heard or felt the universal dimension and the spiritual dimension in the candidates’ discourse . There is nothing of this sort . What happened to the Revolution ? And will the Revolution be restricted to the leader’s speech ? And what about the others and what about the Iranian people?

Iran is facing a real challenge – no doubt- that it is trying to avoid by creating this fake precarious balance between the Conservatives and the Reformists in order to avoid the questions that are not affordable at this time and that have to do with the future of the Revolution , questions that are behind the exclusion of Doctor Ahmadinejad from this competition .

The question remains whether this precarious balance will last, and whether Iran will become ready at some point to afford the unaffordable . Iran’s Revolution is unique and its continuation is the hope of every people on this planet earth .

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