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The liquidation of the Palestinian cause is being prepared, and the narrative circulating on the Media and social Media is paving the way . This narrative seeks to disqualify the Palestinian people by exposing the Palestinian armed Resistance of HAMAS – the pillar of the Armed Resistance in Palestine – and accusing it of chauvinism and sectarianism, and by promoting other groups like BDS that is funded by liberal Zionist George Soros, and by investing in the prisoners movement that is engineered by the Palestinian Authority and other foreign affiliated NGOs .

This same narrative promotes the Syrian rule as qualified to be in charge of the Palestinian Cause on the ground of secularity which means that it is Moscow that will be in charge of the cause because when the Syrian rule has failed in managing Syria and has placed itself under Russian custody , how could it be in charge of managing Palestine?

We warn against such attempts that seek to neutralize the Palestinian people and expose not only HAMAS but each and every armed Resistance against israel, and put in charge of the cause foreign affiliated NGOs and the failing Syrian rule and the deficient Syrian system together with the Russian war belligerent allied with israel .

This a warning to all to expose such narratives and to bring their content to light and unmask the hidden intentions behind them.


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