The Palestinian Armed Resistance of HAMAS that is defending Gaza and warding off every israeli attack on the district at the price of huge sacrifices is being wrongly exposed as sectarian and chauvinist. And there is a so called secular – leftist campaign on Gaza engineered by the World Order through Syria and other world powers .

What all should know is that the siege on Gaza hasno other goal but to subjugate the armed Resistance in Gaza, and this is the reason why the siege is imposed on Gaza and not on Ramallah for example . There is no armed Resistance in Ramallah and no siege, and the Palestinian Authority has confiscated all the existing weapons, and has left the people weaponless, and has arrested every person that does not abide by this new law which caused the Palestinians to resort to Kitchen knives and other tools to defend themselves .

The Pressures on Gaza are innumerable and they are pressures on the armed Resistance , and they come from the Palestinian authority, Egypt and israel, and this is intended to weaken the Resistance . Withholding money and fuel and medicines from the district is part of the scheme so that people turn against the Resistance .

The armed Resistance of HAMAS is being accused of sowing divisions within the Palestinian ranks, and of seeking power and establishing a separate state, and normalising with Egypt and seeking to recognise israel , all of which is untrue and has no basis , but this is required for the scheme of liquidating the cause to find its way ; and the only thing HAMAS is being accused of is resorting to armed struggle.

Armed struggle means existence, and the goal is to neutralize the Palestinian people by depriving them of this struggle, and substitute for it irrelevant functions and protests and strikes and boycotts led by helpless prisoners or by NGOs that are foreign affiliated and monitored, or by the BDS movement that is Zionist funded .

All these functions and strikes and protests and campaigns and rallies and boycotts will not liberate Palestine , only armed struggle can do so, and the original uprising of the people. All should rally behind the Palestinian people and their original Intifada, and behind the Armed Resistance of HAMAS and Jihad and other , and denounce the many attempts at exposing it and neutralizing it and liquidating the cause.

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