The leftist movements in Lebanon and maybe in other countries are at a loss in a way . Many among those leftists, especially the old generation belong to the Christian community, but they have chosen to belong to secular movements, and they have difficulties identifying with the actual Resistance that is an Islamic Resistance, and embracing this Resistance . These leftists have more problems than the Christians in doing so because, for the non secular Christians , Islam is another Religion, and because they are still in the realm of Religions, they will not take a stance against Religions and this helped them cross the boundaries towards a relation with the Islamic Lebanese Resistance.

This is to say that there were many national heroes who were secular, and they lead movements and offered great sacrifices. They operated at a national level, and they were Syrian nationalists and Arab nationalists. But these movements had no future, and could not last and could not bring real unity among Lebanese .The strange thing is that what they could not do as secular people, the non secular general Aoun – the president of the Republic – could achieve as a Christian. He brought the Christians to unite with the Muslims . He was helped in this- of course -by the leader of the Resistance Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah . They met half way and signed and understanding to which they invited the other Lebanese constituents .

Some among those leftists are criticizing general Aoun for working for the Christians interests and promoting these interests. Even if the president is doing this , he is not doing this against other constituents of the society , he is doing this to give Christians their due of representativity that had been undermined by the previous civil war . He is insisting that the Christians remain in this part of the world as Christians and not to suffer the fate of displacement or migration .

None among those leftist progressives succeeded in bringing the country together as general Aoun did, and he did this as a` Christian and not as an anonymous unidentified secular leader or ruler . By this, he was bringing real security to the country and real rapprochement between its constituents.


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