We are still living under the spell of British colonialism , the great damage inflicted by this form of colonialism has not reached its end yet , people suffer all over the world and this great instability in some areas we forgot almost what it is due to, as if it were some kind of inevitable destiny that we had to endure , look a little deeper under the skin of things a…nd you will find Great Britain standing behind many of the actual miseries of the world , it is enough that it is behind the creation of Israel and the creation of USA and the partition of India , all these great master pieces are Great Britain ‘s creations , the unsolvable problem of Palestine where daily dozens of people either are killed or arrested or abused or exiled or besieged or God knows what , humiliation , death and torture and torture and death and humiliation and incarceration, this is the Israeli symphony that is to be performed everyday by the off spring of United Kingdom .

Look at Gaza , look what they did to Gaza and what they are doing and how the population ,or what was left from it after the assault , has become homeless , exposed and threatened , and what about the partition of India, of mother India? Here the devil had whispered in the ear of the English king and the English viceroy to spread the most hateful thing as the best way to cure India from its longing to independence and freedom and this thing is religious conflict between the two monotheistic religions: Hinduism and Islam, between Ishvara and Allah , between the Veda and the Koran .

Millions of victims paid their life and were exiled and displaced and killed because Great Britain did not want to grant India its independence except at the great expense of its integrity and unity , and wanted also this blood bath to continue in both countries , this conflict between the two religions nurtured and maintained by political ambitions on both sides has ended up in strong feelings of hatred that Hindus and Muslims harbor for each other , and do you know who is this person the Hindu or the Pakistani hates? This person is not some alien coming from another planet , no, this person is the neighbor and the friend and the brother and the relative and the mate , he is one’s own self.

Not only Great Britain has caused this ailment but the world order is catering to it and Israel has entered the conflict seeking the favors of India against Pakistan , this is how this unjustified hatred has been exploited unfortunately by the state of Israel where Israel (God forbids) identified itself with India having to deal with a Muslim foe that is Palestine . By their clumsy policy of associating with Pakistan , the Arabs had lost India to their enemies and have not gained Pakistan who had instead chose to be affiliated to KSA. Thus Israel exploited the situation to its advantage causing more harm to India and to the bond that always joined India to Palestine.

God forbids! India is the land of mercy and forgiveness , the mother of all , God forbids that it will ever cater to something as evil as the Zionist state , and how is it that Muslims are threatening Israel when Israel- backed by the wicked British crown- usurped the land of the Palestinians after slaughtering them ? The place of merciful India is beside the victimized Palestinians , and all these wrong notions that Israel is spreading around by picturing the Palestinians as terrorist Muslims should be straightened out and India should recover her role of mother to all , all people and all religions are sworn enemy to all injustices. Down with partition , long live United India , long live mother earth of two hearts Palestine and India .

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