The road to Palestine passes by Jounieh used to say the Palestinians during the Lebanese civil war in 1975. Jounieh being the heart of the Lebanese Christian region . The Palestinians who had taken Lebanon as their headquarters after their eviction from Jordan, got – up to their neck- immersed in the Lebanese mud and got involved in the civil Lebane…se war in a way that caused the eviction of the PLO from Lebanon as well in year 1982 . For sure the Palestinian situation is more than a difficult one . A whole people chased out of their country – Palestine- after the whole region was partitioned by French and British colonialism and their homeland given to Zionist Jews who changed its name into Israel and got recognition –in 1948- from the UN – as a legal country that replaced Palestine .

When they thought that the road to Palestine passes through the Lebanese Christian town of Jounieh , the Palestinians must have surely lost the way and lost the compass that gives them the right direction towards which they should be heading . The road to Palestine does not pass by Jounieh, nor does it pass by Damascus as they are prone to think right now ; Because –now- so many Palestinians are involved in what is happening in Syria to the point that it is believed that they form the largest group of Arabs who fight at the side of the armed thugs of the opposition.

This is -of course – what we could witness on the ground seeing the number of Palestinians who left the camps to head towards Syria through north Lebanon where they will get the necessary equipment and money then sneak through the borders, and join the other thugs fighting in Syria , against the Syrians, and under the label of Islam . A very dangerous turn and a serious drift since -in this fight – the Palestinians are siding with the Israelis and the world order that want to see the Syrian regime change as a first step to expose the Lebanese Resistance that defeated Israel. It is the safety and security of Israel that is sought from this attack on Syria on behalf of NATO countries and Israel, and for this oil money and Muslim fighters are being used among which the Palestinians form the largest group .

How did the Palestinians who are the oppressed people by excellence, victims of the world order, turn into hired thugs by this same world order that has usurped their country , killed their children and is violating every minute their rights, supplying their enemy daily with money and weapons? How have they been brainwashed into fighting against the same people and rulers who are defending their rights and siding with them and promoting their cause ? How did they turn enemies of their own selves ? How could they fight the wars of their enemies and expose the triumphant Lebanese Resistance, their only hope to retrieve their land and their rights?

That they are doing this for money is not enough a reason. The true reason is that -for more than sixty years now – the Palestinians have been cheated . They have been cheated by their leadership who made them think that Palestine is not retrievable except in their fantasies , this same corrupt leadership who took the corrupt Arab oil money to do away with the Palestinian dream of retrieving Palestine, and who used the cause to make few live- leisurely- at the expense of the deprived majority .

All this resistance apparel that the FATEH movement had assumed was nothing but to blur the vision and to draw in the money on condition that it will not be used to liberate the land , but to prevent every possibility of liberating that land and to enrich- instead- the leaders and their clients, and to engage in sterile peace talks with the Israelis, giving them more time to carry on their scheme of usurping and expanding over Arab land . The other Palestinians who did not benefit directly from the leadership’s monopolization and exploitation of the cause were to be thrown at the UNRWA or at the hosting Arab countries or to manage- in a way or another- and make their way through all this in the way they understood it. They were left to provide for themselves, after they were forsaken by the people who used them for each and every endeavor other than retrieving Palestine .

This major shift among Palestinians is not new but is the outcome of the wrong policies adopted by their leadership- mainly the FATEH movement- who drifted from its original goal to other goals like liberating Jounieh; and now the new leadership that sprang from the Intifada- constituted mainly by the HAMAS Movement – has fallen in the same pit and drifted in the same way by replacing the armed Resistance to the enemy by attempts at negotiating with this same enemy . This sectarian set up- arranged for HAMAS- has caused the loss of the cause once again in favor of other -so called- causes that serve directly the Israelis this time . HAMAS has joined the sectarian alignment against the Resistance and the Palestinians are seeing themselves once again pushed to the edge to fight the wars of others and losing their own.

Relying on Arabs and Muslims was not in the right place , nor are Arabs and Muslims in a position to help any one because they are in the same miserable condition themselves, and the people who are in the same boat, could not help each other, they can only fight with each other . Under no condition should the Palestinians have accepted any mention of peace with Israel ; under no conditions should the Palestinians have parted with the path of armed struggle as the only way home.

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