As usual Sayyed Hassan spoke jewels in the commemoration of the 12th anniversary of the liberation , describing the wonderful achievements of the Resistance who caused the enemy to withdraw from South Lebanon without being able to impose any of the conditions imposed on the Egyptians -for example- when Israelis retreated from Sinai desert and restrictions were made on the presence… of the Egyptian army there.

No conditions were ever imposed on Lebanon and this is the greatest victory over the Israelis that peace agreements could not achieve ; in addition to the fact that the liberation of South Lebanon did away with the Israeli dream of building the greater Israel that extends from the Nile to the Euphrates. This dream is over now and Israel would have to limit itself to what it has usurped as Palestinian land , and trying to preserve this stolen land by building multiple walls..If these walls show something , they show how afraid Israel is from the Lebanese and from the Palestinians of the West Bank where walls also are being built, while Lebanese never felt more secured and are building houses by the exact proximity of the borders.
This is due to the formula that joins the Resistance to the people and the army in order to defend the country .

The Israelis – when they withdrew – left their local agents behind them hoping that the Resistance will take revenge on them and starts liquidating them which will cause civil war to spread in the whole south , and Lebanese to kill each other, resuming what Israel has started during occupation .These agents – who had served Israel for years and harassed the freedom fighters and kidnapped the people and incarcerated them and tortured them- were left behind without one moment of regret and Israel was ready to sacrifice them and use them to fuel to a civil war. But the people of the south -who suffered- over the years- from the injustices and oppressions of these agents -never touched one hair of them and the Resistance made sure that they are not hurt and that they be delivered to justice to have them tried by the government .

Thus the Resistance never makes itself an alternative to the state or a substitute to the army because because it does not want to rule nor to become a militia but it abides by the laws and works along with the people and the army together to protect the land .

The people since 2006 have returned to their villages , retrieved their houses , worked the land keeping the Israelis totally off their territory . All this could not have been achieved without the weapons of the Resistance that are the only weapons in Lebanon employed for the national goal of protecting the country , while other weapons -found within the hands of some factions- are not employed for the same goal . Sayyed invited all parties to bring their weapons together to be used for the National goal of protecting the country and not for any other goal.

Sayyid did not forget to mention what this liberation and victory owe to countries like Iran and Syria , while other Arab and Muslim countries were totally absent not to speak of something else. The Resistance is grateful to all who have helped the people in the act of liberation , not to forget-that this liberation- was achieved in extremely difficult conditions where the armed struggle against the occupation did not enjoy the consensus of all the Lebanese . There is a faction which opposed such endeavor and is still opposing it . For this reason the Resistance had to navigate in very dangerous waters and meet so many challenges on its way. Still the Resistance is ready to sit with any Lebanese faction in a dialogue setting and work on national agreement and understanding.

A wonderful speech emotionally and nationally charged and universally applicable where the Resistance assumes full responsibility of the peace and security and the integrity and autonomy of the country inviting all to join in the project of protecting the land and defending its integrity .

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