BDS is taking the Palestinian struggle away from its purpose and is working on a global agenda that seeks to consecrate Israel as an Apartheid state with a legal existence . The truth that everyone should know is that the firm called Caterpillar or the one called Ford Motor Company are NOT the enemies of Palestinians , nor this or that singer or artist who chooses to perfo…rm in Tel Aviv is the enemy of the Palestinians . The enemy of the Palestinian is the usurping state of Israel , is the Israeli who has chased him out and usurped his land . The enemy of the Palestinian is the existence of something called Israel on his land ,it is all of Israel and not some Apartheid policy applied here and there ; it is all those who created the state of Israel and are maintaining this state by the constant flow of money and the constant supply of deadly weapons and by catering to every form of its existence and seeking by all means to keep it safe and prosperous even if this meant the death of many people . Therefore BDS should stop engaging in these fictitious battles with fictitious enemies. The Enemy is Israel and those who cater to Israel and provide for its existence and sustenance and NOT some writer or academician who attends a conference in Tel Aviv University where Omar Barghouthi himself studies . This is misleading and dishonest and covers for the real enemies of Palestinians and this should stop at once !!

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