It is not required that all people become Muslims even if one might be attracted to one faith rather than the other , nor is it required that people change their faith , What is required from all is that they understand their own religion and acquire knowledge and insight into their own faith until they reach the core that is common to all faiths and transcend the… superficial differences and lack of proper understanding which are behind all what we are suffering from right now .

This is required from Muslims above all because it is Islam that is facing the greatest challenge right now . What is required from Islam and Muslims is greater than and precedes what it is required from others because now most atrocities that are plaguing the world are being committed in the name of Islam , If i were a Muslim i will not invite people to embrace Islam until this danger is ruled out and order is settled again .

This sense of superiority of Muslims over other faiths – especially Hinduism – should be ruled out especially when the majority of the religious references and authorities are failing in meeting the actual challenge . ISIS has not even been labeled as KUFR by the Religious References and has a hosting environment in many Arab and Muslim countries and communities . Remember that this sense of superiority of Muslims over Hindus – as nurtured by the colonizer and its pawn Saudi Arabia in order to keep Pakistan separated from mother India- is the same feeling of sectarian superiority that official Sunni Islam developed against other sects and minorities as has materialized in the ugly ISIS that is everything but religious .

The enemies of the Religion has popped out from the inside of the Religion, and your enemies dress as you do and pray as you do, and God has created this enemy for you from your own kith and kin that seeks to destroy you, for you not to adhere to the superficial layers and output of your Religion at the expense of its content and of its common ground with all the Religions and beliefs and authentic cultures of the world where Religion becomes really universal . There is a lesson in ISIS for all Muslims .

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