The kind of World Order narrative that is circulating around the Palestinian cause seeks to neutralize Hamas and is being spread by leftist intellectuals and academicians. This narrative converges with the Syrian official pro Russian narrative, and is part of the liquidation of the Palestinian cause that is being worked on in the kitchens of the World Order. At times HAMAS is drawing closer to Iran and has not wavered from the goal despite its acceptance of Palestinian state on the 67 borders which is a maneuver and nothing more to overcome the state of division , and when HAMAS is operating changes in its` leadership in favor of this rapprochement with Iran, and when it is being described together with Hizbullah as a major threat on israel by israelis themselves , those leftists want to expose HAMAS seeking the welfare of the Palestinians by their own saying .

These leftist academicians like Jamal Wakeem and others do this by drawing the parallel between the Palestinian Authority and HAMAS saying that when the Palestinian Authority or Fateh is affiliated to Jordan , HAMAS is affiliated to Egypt , one is linked to the Wadi Araba peace agreement , and the other is linked to the Camp David peace agreement. Wakeem does not bring up the Problems HAMAS has with the Egyptian Authority .

Of course, if asked about why they draw this parallel these people will answer HAMAS has accepted the Palestinian State , while the truth is that it is a maneuver, because HAMAS never recognized the state of israel or gave up armed struggle. When asked about who then will qualify to continue the struggle since HAMAS and Fateh have been disqualified Wakeem answers it is the prisoners movement that will take over and activists like late Bassil al A’raj a Palestinian activist and BDS affiliate who qualify to continue the struggle . So, all the the sacrifices of HAMAS and its achievements and its Resistance will just evaporate to be taken over by Basil al A’raj .

Wakeem added that both HAMAS and Fateh are against the Prisoners`strike , which is` not true because this strike`has been engineered by the Palestinian Authority and by Fateh, and HAMAS supports the prisoners, but HAMAS does not invest in the prisoners’ movement, nor thinks that the prisoners can liberate Palestine or the BDS, or Basil al A’raj .

These people like Wakeem are part of the liquidation of the cause knowingly or unknowingly . They have no faith in the cause or in the Palestinian struggle , despite the fact that they have seen HAMAS warding off every attack on GAZA.

The answer to Wakeem came from the mouth of Palestinian leader Ramadan Shallah of the Jihad that Palestine shall be liberated as long as there is one Palestinian alive and it is the Palestinians who will liberate Palestine , and not the dubious NGOs


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