These 2 war belligerents are`totally in tune and they want to fight terror . One of them- the Turkish belligerent introduced hundreds of thousands of terrorist thugs into Syria and huge amounts of money and tons of weapons. And the other let thousands of Turkestani terrorist thugs reach Syria who have taken the houses of the Syrians in Jisr al Shughur . and who knows if the Chinese belligerent did not sell those to prince Bandar bin Sultan against millions the same way Putin sold thousands of Chechens and Dagestanis to the same prince. All this scum was sent to Syria to destroy Syria with oil money . But now, the two belligerents want to fight Terror. So it is`Terror fighting Terror and the next to join the group is probably israel. The proxy wars on people, any people, take two aspects: One of them is unnecessarily making peoples’ lives miserable and depriving them of any capacity to improve themselves, the other is hijacking the struggle of the people against this ailment depriving them of the possibility to win over Terror and reap the fruits of such victory . Total alienation of the people is the goal of such endeavor.


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