The Silk Road sounds so romantic, it is very retro and inspiring to the point that the most famous Lebanese choreographer chose it as a theme for his new work. . Also Lady Buthaina Sha’baan -the adviser of president Assad – never stopped praising this endeavor feeling elated , and so many progressives and leftist intellectuals did the same not knowing what this thing is thinking that we are back to the silk trade days . The Silk Road has nothing romantic, and the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese rule is the least romantic among rules no doubt because it only thinks about money and lives through money, and the silk road is a huge economic , geopolitical endeavor – called OBOR – ( ONE BELT ONE ROAD) that touches more than 60 countries in Asia , Africa and Europe , and it is a Chinese colonial endeavor so to speak and a global endeavor , the last born of imperialist China , and it will try to build infra structures in countries members at high cost that will make` China richer , and poor countries poorer , and indebted to China who will carry on this project at high cost . It is a a one trillion project that communist China has succeeded in marketing everywhere picturing it as favorable to peoples and countries . The truth is that Imperialist USA has grown old and tired. Someone should take over.


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