Galloway again exposing HAMAS under the pretext that it is Muslim Brother defaming the Palestinian armed Resistance that it is fighting israel and that israel considers a major threat on its security . Galloway whose agenda has become clear of forsaking armed Resistance as per the BDS agenda of recognizing and pacifying the usurping state is attacking HAMAS under the pretext that it left Syria for the sake of the sectarian alignment with Turkey . Galloway did not mention that he was the first to have supported Erdogan at the beginning of the Arab spring saying that Erdogan represented moderate Islam versus the fundamental Islam of Iran even if he did not mention Iran by name . Galloway has the right to change his stance but has no right to mislead people in order to pass his anti armed Resistance agenda . As long as HAMAS is defending Gaza with everything its got and fighting israel and offering all these sacrifices for thec prptection of the people and the land no one has the right to expose it or defame it among those who claim to support the Palestinian cause. They have no such rightوعد-بلفور

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