The leader has raised the tone upon learning that the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution was embracing secretly the`Global Educational agenda of the UNESCO. The leader said that those papers should not be signed and Iran is not to join this agenda . The Leader criticized the Supreme Council for this neglect that called for his interference .He spoke about infiltration saying: ” It is the Islamic Republic here! Here Islam is the benchmark! Quran is the benchmark. It is not a place where the deficient, destructive and corrupt Western life style can infiltrate ! .

: “The SCRC was formed in December 1984 and substituted the Cultural Revolution Headquarters. In fact, the formation of such an institution was not stipulated in the Constitution. It was formed under the special circumstances that were prevailing in the early stages of the revolution. The council took its legitimacy from the 9 December 1984 decree of the founder of the Islamic Republic Ayatollah Khomeini .

The question is if this high headquarters is infiltrated, then what to say about other institutions? This reminds us of the Guardian Council that rejected the candidacy of Doctor Nejad , and of people who would not allow anyone to ponder over this decision of banning Doctor Nejad, let alone to question it or ask that this ban be justified . It is as if someone was committing a heresy . These councils are definitely not God and they err as happened with the present council that seems to be infiltrated- by the saying of the leader himself- which required an intervention of some sort on his behalf to correct things . And what if the Guardian Council erred by rejecting Nejad’s candidacy?…/Iran-won-t-submit-to-agendas-l…

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