Sayyed brought up the Syrian matter reminding that Russia is not part of the Axis of the Resistance, and adding that the Resistance is not part of the political process in Syria nor part of the ongoing negotiations happening in Astana or elsewhere. This means that the`Resistance and also Iran have no say in the developments on the ground or in the negotiations, and their stance is merely that of the`Syrian rule and the` Syrian rule is their reference regarding what is happening on the battle ground or on the negotiation table . Sayyed added that the Resistance will leave Syria if requested by the Syrian rule but this`has not happened yet and sometimes even the Resistance is given additional assignments by the rule . Sayyed made it clear that Russia is Syria’s ally but not the Resistance ally but there is harmony in the relation with Russians and there are no problems with them . Sayyed’s words mean that the Resistance has been neutralized in Syria in favor of Syria’s new alliance with Russia, and the Axis of the Resistance is no more acting as one or having a say in the battlefield or on the negotiation table . Russia is not the Axis of the Resistance and its alliance is with Syria alone but the Resistance and Iran are accommodating this new alliance and are not objecting or opposing it in any way . The Resistance in Syria is `securing Lebanon and this is the major assignment of the Resistance in Syria ,. The Resistance is protecting Lebanon from Syria and is present on the`Syrian ground on the borders with Lebanon where its primal mission lies. Sayyed also adds that the `Resistance` supports any cease fire agreement that spares Syrian lives. Sayyed’s words are very clear : There is no such thing as Resistance, Iran, Syria ,Russia alliance . THERE IS NO SUCH THING


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