A New era of Russian -israeli relations parallel to the developments in Syria that require further cooperation and coordination between Russia and israel
The Moscow’s 6th conference for international security went unnoticed with 500 participants and 29 countries represented by their ministers of defense . Israel was there and the Syrian issue was brought up in the presence of israel . Not to forget the primal goal of any security conference held in Moscow is to sell Weapons because the conference was also an exhibition of arms .
As for the israeli presence , it is highlighted because israel has an experience in fighting Terror . The topics of the Conference are :Counterterrorism and counterradicalism in the Middle East, security of information space, BMD implications, and security in Central Asia will also be in the spotlight of separate discussion sessions of the Forum.
” sergei Shoigu offered four points for solving Syria: defeating the radical ideology at the root of ISIS, passing a new constitution, implementing economic reconstruction and conducting demining operations. This came with an offer to share Russia’s experience in fighting terrorists with air strikes, particularly arms and tactics, which made sense since the conference has always been partly an arms expo.
According to Sputnik :”Russian Defense Minister said that cooperation between Russia and Israel will be aimed at strengthening the fight against terrorism and furthering coordination of actions in Syria”.
Does this mean that israel will be introduced to Syria the same way Turkey was introduced to Syria? No doubt Russia has been chosen because of its “organic ” relation with israel to be the bridge over which israel could cross to Syria. There is fear that Syria who went along with the Turkish invasion and accepted it as it accepted the one thousand US soldiers on its soil to turn a blind eye on the introduction of israel to Syria by Russia.,

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