To the soul of our Martyr al Fatiha
Bismillah wal Hamdulillah
Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullah
those who died for the sake of God are alive
One year over the Martyrdom of sayyed Dhul Fiqar
A fighter in all field . Lebanon, Syria . Iraq . Palestine
We remember him intelligent strong and powerful
like a mother sometimes and as tender , ready to give everything
a leader in the battle , in freeing the prisoners in unmasking the enemy
pledging that he will return either victorious or martyred , and he came back martyr and victorious
was the leader of the battle against israel in1996 after which he secured the civilians
and after which Peres failed in the elections
led the operation in Syria
and defeated the Takfiris
he remains for the Resistance itself and nothing can reach him from,the Saudi defamation or the Israeli

i present my deepest condolences to his family and friends and comrades , we will continue on this path
that you his son has engaged in , i thank you for your words , this is how we know you and this is how you shall remain
the israelis want to build a high wall from the shore to the Jebel al Sheikh and this comes while we commemorate the Nakba , that is over for us but only existing for the Arab systems
a Lebanese citizen was able to cross the borders and enter 10 km inside israel until he reached the bus station
they discovered how exposed they are and decided to build this wall
in Gaza they started building the wall underneath
this wall is a recognition of the Lebanese victory and the failure of the great israel stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates
During all these decades of Resistance the israelis have become convinced that they can neither stay in Gaza nor in Lebanon
In these two small spots of Lebanon and Gaza israel was defeated
and it is israel that imposes its will on all . has been defeated , greater israel has been defeated because it is hiding behind these walls
it is really a spider’s web and no more great israel
this wall reveals the israeli fear from the future
Since 48 it is the Lebanese who were exposed who were abducted and threatened but now after the victories of the resistance and the golden equation it is israel that is afraid
militarily this proves that the israelis are afraid of any future confrontation
the enemy knows that any future confrontation will be inside Palestine
and no place will be safe inside israel
this is a good sign , this means that the people of the south will be relieved and this will keep the israelis inside
if he keeps open gates we will be waiting for him there

in 2007 they said that israel will launch a war and every year they say there is war but the israeli say that he will not engage in any war
so there is no need to scare people especially that they are expecting tourists
i tell people to proceed with their lives
live a normal life and trust in God and trust the golden equation
As for Palestine , we bow before the Palestinian prisoners who are on water on salt and we condemn the Arab League and the UN for their silence
there are summits between the US and Gulf people but will the Palestinians be part of this . Would they dare to pressure israel so as to grant to the prisoners their legal rights
we know the answer

as for lebanon . first i spoke last week about the improvements happening on the Lebanese Syrian border
This area is almost all free from terrorist thugs
there is no need that we remain present on the borders and the mission has been accomplished thanks to the sacrifices and the solidarity of the people. Now, the army will take over and we are not here to replace the army
We will keep vigil of course . but we will remain on the Syrian side of the borders
one of the towns called Tufail and has no road connected to Lebanon except through Syria. This was a hot spot and the people who are Lebanese and Syrians had to leave. Now they can return to their village
If our presence is an impediment , we told them that our mission is over and the army can take over and the government should take care of this and secure their return
Still the government is not coordinating with Syria , not yet , we are ready to cooperate
This is because some are accusing us of operating a demographic change in the region when Hizbullah was trying to protect all the inhabitants of Baalbeck whatever the community they belong to . If we wanted demographic changes we would have let the Takfiris in and the population would have fled, and the place would become empty but this is not our way
They say the Syrian regime is operating demographic changes or Iran or the Resistance . this is not true
you can go and check if there are any Shi’as there
where the people of Kafarya and Fou’a are? in Ladikiyya
those who are operating demographic changes are the armed factions affiliated to Qatar and Turkey and Saudia
Those are operating the changes and they target those among Sunnis who do not support them

As for Irsal , and i want to address the armed thugs who are staying in Irsal that according to the latest developments there is no future for the thugs in there . we are ready to strike a deal to have the thugs withdraw and leave to other places inside Syria . and we are ready to be the mediator in this ,
And we are ready to help those who wish among Syrian refugees to return to help them return
there is no republic of irsal as wished and we will not consider this a victory but this is in order to spare bloodshed
there is a national interest in solving this issue

There is hope that we might come up with a new electoral law
And we are drawing closer to this
We should not forsake the dialogue and we should level down the tone of the political discourse otherwise it will complicate things more

As for Syria . The Freedom Fighters are still present there
There is cease fire and they say that the Resistance and Iran are bothered . We are not part of the political of security negotiations
We have no part in this at all , it is the Syrian leadership that decides
we say that any stopping of the bloodshed is positive and this is not against our interest
i have already said that Russia is not part of the Axis of the Resistance , but is an ally to Syria
and the allies of Syria are in perfect harmony
If the Syrian rule asks us to leave we will leave
but this is not happening and sometimes we are asked to go to places where we are not present usually
The terrorists are in not good condition
There are developments in the north of Syria
and there are meetings with Trump coming soon

We are used to this and in Sharm al Sheikh they labeled us all as terrorists and they were all there , Russia and China and all
there is nothing to fear and after Sharm el Sheikh we defeated them
the Saudi Crown prince when he spoke about Iran , his problem with Iran is that Iran is waiting for the Mehdi. But the Mehdi whom all Muslims wait for will not appear in Iran or in Beirut but in Mekka
And Sunnis and Shi’as believe in the Mehdi
And he is from the progeny of Fatima and some say he descends from al Hussain
This has nothing to do with Iran . all the Muslims believe in the appearance of the Mehdi
The Imam al Mehdi was born on the 15th of Sha’baan and it is tomorrow
The Crown prince is simply trying to sow differences . i tell the crown prince that the Mehdi is coming whom the Rasul spoke about and who will defeat all oppressors and this will happen and there is nothing that the Crown prince can do about it
Salutations to Martyr Sayyed Dhul fiqar


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