The kind of spam infiltrators dressed as friends practiced on my wall was to duplicate what i write and to repeat it endlessly in order to kill its meaning and to render what i say ineffective and meaningless . they used their own narrative to hide my post, and numerous words to hide the meaning . This is a clear Intelligence strategy which consists in standing between the writer and the reader who would have to go compelled through another narrative before reaching the post and eventually will get lost in the way .This is a very controversial behavior that aimed at wasting the post and wasting the content of the written text by direct interference .


Another strategy is to praise constantly the author of the posts in a manner that raises suspicion, and this instead of praising the post or its content or the cause around which the post revolves`. Constant praise of a person is repellent and leads to dislike . This is also another strategy to attack people on fb carried on by trolls that are everywhere on this Intelligence facility .

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