It is strange that people would prefer money over embracing the peoples causes and defending justice and standing against repression; but no , they have no such interest except for a very small minority . They rather get the money and get hired as infiltrators and trolls on the social media , and they use the peoples’ righteous causes and the peoples’ struggle in order to secure their living . They use the Palestinian cause and the Syrian cause and any righteous cause for that matter to get material gain . It is their claiming of these causes that secures their material gain which shows how valuable these causes are . These causes speak for themselves, and all the value is in the causes, and money is a cheap return against the value of these causes . These causes are meant to promote the individual mentally and spiritually but not materially . The material benefit if sought exclusively will hinder other benefits and will degrade the individual , but the cause will continue , nothing can harm the cause permanently when people are ready to sacrifice for it , and even if all the trolls rally from the 4 quarters they will not harm a righteous cause for which people are sacrificing . So the trolls and infiltrators should get over their choices and find out whether they have gotten a good deal .. . Maybe they have missed a real transaction in which all the benefit lies

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