The FB administration is deleting one account after the other . And no sooner i start a different account that this account becomes disabled. If this means anything , this means that we have somehow hit the nail on its head in one way or another , and we have unmasked at least some of those infiltrators and their affiliations , remain the others., and they are many but their time will come .

I thank all who have contributed to this effort by sharing posts or commenting or standing up to truth . It was not an easy task. It is clear that this infiltration targets the Resistance and the Axis of the Resistance that the world Order seeks to replace by a different Axis . The two countries targeted are Syria and Iran and other countries as well. While what is happening in Syria is clear at the gross level , what is happening on the subtle level is less clear.

There is an attempt at presenting Russia as a pole to the World Order, as an antagonistic power to this order,  favorable to  the Syrian people and to any people . So much effort is being put in this endeavor and this much mobilization of the media at all levels , local and international,  and the rallying of journalists and thinkers and academicians which proves the importance of such endeavor in order to carry on the world order scheme . This falls within the attempt at producing an alternative to the islamic Revolution that has proved its success and capacities and ability to transgress borders to help other countries fight and win this challenge of sovereignty and independence.

The particularity of this Revolution is not that it is Islamic although this has its importance but that it invests in the people themselves as a force capable of real change and real success. Organizations like BRICS and Shanghai and the Eurasia scheme and endeavors like rehabilitating the Silk Road fall all within the same line of presenting an alternative to the Revolution  or to the Axis of the Resistance . These attempts together with the promotion of Russia as a pole to the World Order are in order to undermine the Axis of the Resistance against israel .

All what is happening to Syria in terms of surrender to the world order agenda , whether the chemical weapons deal or the` Terror/anti Terror conspiracy , or the Coalition strikes, or the invasion by Turkey and US, or the halting of the liberation of Idlib after Aleppo or the new Syrian constitution or the negotiations with the terrorist thugs or the federalization and the de escalation zones or the Israeli or US -Russian coordinated strikes . All this was not enough to prove the implication of Russia in extending this bloody war endlessly which is the major objective of the World Order .All the disorder witnessed right now everywhere comes from this original mistake of not defining the Russian role properly and not giving the right description to what Russia is doing in Syria and the degree of complacency of the Syrian rule .

The Reason why this is happening is that the Resistance , the Lebanese Resistance known for its commitment and clarity is not in the position to reveal the truth and put things back in their right place . All this confusion and infiltration and chaos comes from this place and from the fact that the Resistance- due to good reasons – is keeping silent . It is our role to develop this awareness regarding Syria and what is happening in Syria and what the world Order is trying to do there using many factors and elements and weak points and what it is trying to do in the region , in Iraq and Iran and elsewhere by way of direct assault or soft infiltration trying to undermine this real threat that is not Islam but is the awakening of the people any people to their own capacity and potential

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