The kind of post we find on the page of the so called “son of Khomeini”  as he calls himself is the kind of controversial narrative we have been exposing here on fb as part of an infiltration campaign that targets Iran and the Iranians . Imam Khomeini in his grave must suffer due to the kind of compromising progeny he left behind in the name of the person called Hamid Nematollahi who could not prove his affiliation to the venerable late Imam except by posting rubbish written by outdated leftist thinkers-  like Pepe Escobar –   who would have long ago  fallen in oblivion weren’t it for the World Order Intelligence services who found that these obsolete thinkers  and leftovers could be used again for some purpose .
The son of Khomeini -as he calls himself- who is the shame of his spiritual father – instead of posting the valuable words and deeds of his spiritual father has chosen to post the World Order narrative signed by Pepe Escobar .  The truth is that many among these  these fake sons of the Revolution are looking for some position and for some western recognition,  and they are not the sons of Imam Khomeini but the illegal sons of the so called western civilization .

Escobar-himself-  has nothing to add to the narrative that has been circulating lately which is to promote Russia,  China and Eurasia as the future of humanity and as a promising unity  which Iran is expected to join that could challenge the World Order. Escobar -who is on the payroll of Sputnik-  and during his recent visit to Tehran, writes something that is as shallow as it is misleading. He says:
” So once again, in Tehran, provoked by the meeting of minds around the conference – the absolute opposite of “clash of civilizations” – it was possible to discuss how Iran (resistance against injustice), China (remixed Confucianism) and Russia (Eurasianism) are offering post-Enlightenment alternatives that transcend Western liberal democracy – a concept that has been completely co-opted and shattered by the hegemony of neoliberalism. And once again this ongoing discussion revolves around the great geopolitical project of the 21s century; Eurasia integration, of which the complex China-Russia-Iran partnership is the crux. May we live in interesting – and also culturally, intellectually integrated – times.”

The quotation is over and there is no need to add more , and it is misleading; and we ask : What is China doing for the people of the world ,  and what kind of alternative is it presenting together with Russia or the fictitious entity called Eurasia ? What are they doing for Syria and Libya and Palestine and Venezuela? What is Russia doing except displaying its weaponry in Syria in order to increase its arm sales , and prolonging this war endlessly until nothing is left from Syria?  And who declared the war on Yemen and allowed the UN resolution to pass against Yemen ? And how is Russia to play any role in favor of the people when it voted for the war on Yemen ? And where is Palestine in all this and will Eurasia host Palestine or will it host israel? Did Escobar ask this `question to his masters of the World Order ?

No he didn’t , all he cares about is his pay from Sputnik because , such a shallow mediocre person good for nothing can only find dubious jobs that consist in misinforming and altering the truth . No one will hire the thing called Escobar, and Escobar has no choice but to work as a misinformer, and this is what the notorious son of Khomeini should know, and he should avoid the fate of such a reptile . It is a pity that Iran is hosting these failures who are feeding on the revolution and on its lost sons .”

Go back to your senses Mister Nematollahi. Be areal son of the late Imam whose vision was as sharp as a sword and whom no one and nothing could sway,  and whom all the Intelligence Forces of the world rallied together could not rock . Be like him strong and steadfast and think about what the late Imam could have thought of people like Escobar and his like.

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  1. Either my account was blocked by Facebook ??
    I don’t have even sister Sed Kim is blocked from me reaching her, e Euronext is blocked I can reach no one.
    Brother Daniel I will continue following you here. Please know that you have my support 100%.
    No matter how slanderous their accusations I stand here. I pray God continue to protect you and the Cause.


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