It is the 72nd commemoration of the WWII victory of Russia over the Nazis that is being celebrated and the Russian forces are parading in the streets of Moscow in a show that is not very convincing . The victory is also being celebrated in many places in Syria and people `in Aleppo are rallying in support of Russia and Putin and distributing red ribbons . This never happened for the Resistance, and the Syrian people never rallied for the hundreds of martyrs that the Resistance and Iran offered on the Syrian soil, and never celebrated the Resitsance that liberated Aleppo . The pro Russian campaign is reaching new levels and they are trying to shove it down the throats of all . And the promotion of Russia as a pole to the World Order is going hand in hand with US and UK and Jordanian Forces and opposition forces rallying on the Jordanian borders with Syria in great numbers . US sources speaking from al Mayadeen TV say that the US~ does not intend to engage in battle and also the` Russians will not engage in battle and no intention to confront the US . And despite the fact that al Mu’allem said yesterday that if the Jordanians enter Syria , this would be considered an invasion he said that it is not our intention to engage in battle with the Jordanians . So all these introduction of forces from US and UK and Jordan and other must be the fruits of understandings like the introduction of Turks into Syria was the fruit of understandings between Russia and Turkey of which Syria and Iran were informed and which Syria approved . These are not attacks but they are part of the US -Russia-Syrian partnership that is taking birth

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