The promotion of North Korea as a force antagonistic to the World Order is like the promotion of Russia as a pole to the World Order whereby President Kim Jong Un is even threatening israel ! And now, the Arabs and Palestinians should no more worry or bother because Kim who works for the World Order is backing them and ready to defend them .

So, after investing in Putin and Shanghai and BRICS , and after investing in the Silk Road promoted by China, we are to invest in the North Korean president who has no authority over his own self and country to have authority over Palestine! You talk about a trip and it is a long trip that has taken us from Putin to Kim Jong Un and even to Trump because Syrians have ended up investing in Trump himself, and al Mu’allem thinks that US- who created ISIS- has decided to fight ISIS after ISIS proved dangerous which is not true of course .

The US does not want to finish ISIS. And Putin, in Syria, is implementing to the letter the World Order agenda of federalization and partition, and he did this under the label of protecting Syria . He protected Syria so well that now`thousands of US soldiers are in the east of Syria, and thousands of Turkish forces are in Syria, and thousands of UK forces as well with Jordanian forces are ready to enter Syria . The israelis are also expected to join soon and they are striking Syria on regular basis . This is what the Russian protection amounts to .Syria has never been as threatened and targeted by World Order conspiracies as it is now!


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