What is unbelievable is what journalist Salem Zahran came up with regarding the`De Escalation deal saying that why should anyone object the deal ? Since each got what they wanted why should they protest? The Resistance got what it wanted because its goal in keeping Assad posted was achieved , and its other goal of keeping the`Lebanese borders with Syria safe` and`secured was achieved . The Turkish goal was achieved in getting their safe zone in the north, and the israeli goal might also be achieved in being introduced to Syria for their own security , and the Russian goal has been achieved in setting foot in Syria, and Iran’s goal will be eventually achieved in opening a passage from Iraq to Syria . So, all should be satisfied instead of protesting! This is what the notorious journalist said today, and he was not joking . But eventually he said that the outcome of all this is confrontation and war . So why did he assume that the problem was solved and each should be satisfied with his share? This person should be under lock as far as i am concerned for uttering such nonsense. As if the`Resistance who sacrificed hundreds of Freedom Fighters was after securing its Share or Iran . Shame on such a person who did not give the~Syrian people and their suffering one single thought!


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