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The Astana De Escalation zone agreement between US -Russia and`Turkey is not clear and is not final. Al Akhbar News paper speaks about this agreement being liable to expand to include other spots . The lie that the` Russians` have been spreading about the`Coalition not allowed to fly over the`safe zones has been dispelled by the US who said that the Coalition will fly and strike whenever and wherever it is needed which explains why the Russians `have resumed the air safety agreement with the US or the coordination of air strikes between the two . So, it is the Syrians who will not be allowed to fly and not the Coalition..

This agreement seems very controversial and is not clear and confusing , and the safe zones will be shelters for what they call the moderate opposition or the defectors from Al Nusrat and ISIS . Al Akhbar speaks about the fact that it involves more than 8 Syrian provinces and is liable to expand to include others , And Russia admits to have had the agreement of both Turkey and israel concerning these safe zones that it will include a security belt that stretches over the Syrian-Iraqi borders all through .

Russians say that they obtained the agreement of israel over these safe zones . The De Escalation agreement is expected to be signed by the guarantors which are`Russia, Turkey and Iran although the agreement was struck between Turkey and Russia on one hand and Russia and US on the other and Iran was informed of it . As for those who will supervise these safe zones it is not yet known who those countries are , and there is fear that israel be among those . US refuses that Iran be among the guarantors.. Al Akhbar adds that the israelis say that will not commit themselves to safe Zones and that they will keep on striking Syria at leisure . and they think that this agreement will not last.


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