This kind of reaction i usually get from israelis and from Zionists ., it is strange that i get this from an Iranian who works also as he pretends for khamenei ir and who upon learning that one of his colleagues is an infiltrator asks me to consult a doctor . as if the infiltrator was the product of my imagination . and as if i was the one who invented Catherine Shakdam and the one who invented the fact that she`works for Wikistrat – a US online Intelligence Service that israel uses as well . If i go to consult a doctor will Shakdam stop working for Wikistrat ? This is the question that i like `to ask to these dubious persons , and what about Kevin Barett , does he need to go to the doctor too because he is the one to have introduced Shakdam on his`radio program saying that she works `for Wikistrat . Those people who cover for this fact or react in this way have definitely dubious affiliations and this not a normal reaction; either they should consult a doctor or take seriously what is being said . Pitiable persons who think they are smart enough to cover for agents and infiltrators , all they do is expose themselves!


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