This means that the No Fly Zone imposed on Libya and which is the original threat on Syria that Syria had tried to avoid by all means will become now a fact, and it will be imposed on large portions of the Syrian territory. We are back to point zero , to the point from where the war started on Syria in 2011, and what was impossible then, or difficult at least, has become easy and feasible . The four zones in Idlib , Homs Eastern Ghouta and Dar’a will be turned into no fly zones which means that the Syrian air planes will not be allowed in there . It is not clear what these safe zones will be for, and it is definitely not in Syria’s interest to host such zones over which it has no control . These will be dangerous and threatening zones , they will be monitored as it seems by a joint Syrian military and armed factions committees and they will be financed by KSA and supervised by observers from various countries. It is not known who are the countries that will be allowed to fly over these zones, and whether Turkey is among those or Russia, and who are the supervising countries and whether israel will be introduced as one of the supervisors in the south region of Dar’a. It is not known whom these safe zones will host . In all cases , whether they are hosting defectors among terrorist thugs or Syrian refugees brought over from Turkey , these safe zones are timed bombs and will keep the state of war alive in Syria, and they represent a constant threat on the region . Each country will want to be in control of one spot, Turkey will supervise the north and Jordan the south, and the US will control the security belt that covers the whole Syrian-Iraqi borders . The unity of Syria will be threatened no doubt and this could develop into real partition .


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