Sayyed limits his interests to Lebanon , the electoral law , the Resistance presence in Syria are all for the protection of Lebanon It is Lebanon the focus and the end . This does not mean that the Resistance will leave Syria. Sayyed did not say that these were the prospects , on the contrary , the Resistance will stay in Syria to protect Lebanon and to make sure that Lebanon is spared the tragic fate of other Arab country .The whole borders are secured . In order to secure Lebanon more, there is need for a sound electoral law that has the approval of all and will represent all . This way Lebanon will be strong and resilient by the power of the Lebanese, and internal security will be assured after the external security was assured .Lebanon should rely on Lebanese and only the Lebanese can secure Lebanon when Arabs are busy sorting out their differences , there is no Arab League and no UN and no one to count on and there are conspiracies for which none is accountable. This is the situation in short, and if each does not bear responsibility then the integrity of Lebanon is at stake . As for Syria , there is victory says Sayyed , Syria is still on the map, certain areas are safe, the rule has not been overthrown and the Army is still united ,these are the achievements said Sayyed in Syria thanks to the Syrians and their allies .


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