Haidar Akarar needs this probably in order to be promoted from an infiltrator to a higher position that he is promised by other infiltrators among them Shabbir Hassanally . Slandering me looks good on their application for promotion in the hierarchy of agents . Good for them i wish them good luck, but sooner or later they will be unmasked by the authorities . We have already unmasked them and know what they stand for and others are able to do the same and corner them and it is not impossible , This if they have not already been discovered and have not been brought in in order to find out more about their affiliations . This is also possible . This is Iran and many people are vigil and keeping an eye on things .

Previously , when Akarar was following me on every post and reading every article i wrote, i did not know i was training a spy . He was keeping so close that when i unfriended him one time because of some behavior he displayed he came crying begging from me to befriend him again . It is a pity that he turned out like this and that the enemy will benefit from whatever knowledge or insight he acquired .

Nevertheless, there is no future for these people, and i could say that i have also among my friends those who really benefited from what i write and will try to assimilate it and make others benefit from it . These- and they are many – will compensate for Akarar defection and insolence . All in all, these infiltrators do not feel secure and they know that their expiration date is drawing near . Hassanally – the master head who joins scholarship and erudition to insolence and promiscuity – has deleted his account on fb after he was exposed, as he deleted other accounts that he uses under different names to slander people under cover .

These people whether Shakdam who practices open plagiarism and has a controversial work experience with dubious firms , or Bilal West who is a fraud himself , or Akarar who betrays his friends , or Hassanally the infiltrator dressed in religious garbs , they are pitiable people because they are wasting the precious time we are given on this earth by the Almighty . even the money they earn and which they are after will turn into shame, and there is no doubt about that .

The bad thing about this issue is not these trolls themselves who do not count , but the fact that they are occupying the place of earnest and committed people and usurping the positions that should be occupied by qualified persons only because they are after money . This is the bad thing and not the trolls themselves . Nevertheless, nature itself- if not the system- will correct this mistake and restore things to their original order in case humans fail to do so. and there is no doubt about that either.


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